Mission Statement


The Cuyahoga Criminal Defense Lawyers Association ("CCDLA") is formed exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes, including, without limitation, the following purposes:

To promote study and research in the field of criminal defense law and the related arts; 

To disseminate by lecture, seminars, and publications the advancement of the knowledge of the law as it relates to the field of criminal defense practice;

To promote the proper administration of criminal justice; 

To foster, maintain, and encourage the integrity, independence and expertise of the defense lawyer in criminal cases;

To foster regular meetings of criminal defense lawyers;

To provide a forum for the material exchange of information regarding the administration of individual rights and the improvement of criminal law, its practices, and procedures. 

Past Presidents


Hon. Ashlee McLaughlin

Jaye Schlachet

Russ Bensing

Kevin Spellacy

James McDonnell

Gian de Caris

Hon. Michael Shaughnessy

Edward LaRue

Russell Tye

Mark A. Stanton

Linda V. Gonzalez

Charles Morgan

Fred Crosby

Stuart H. Lippe

Mark T. Rudy

David M. King

Thomas E. Shaughnessy

James M. Kersey

Larry W. Zukerman

Robert L. Tobik

David L. Grant

David L. Rowthorn

Robert A. Dixon

David L. Doughten

Mary Cay Tylee

Jeffrey F. Kelleher

James A. Draper

Kreig J. Brusnahan

Rocco J. Russo

J. Ross Haffey, Jr.

Mark R. DeVan

Michael C. Hennenberg

Jay Milano

Thomas E. Frye

Thomas Shaughnessy

Hyman Friedman

Ralph Sperli 

William L. Summers

Gerald S. Gold

Jerry Milano

Hon. James J. Carroll

John P. Butler