Judicial Ratings

The CCDLA is proud to be a member of the Judicial Candidates Rating Coalition and to contribute to Judge4Yourself.com.  The Judicial Candidates Rating Coalition consists of a broad spectrum of attorneys in four local bar associations that volunteer their time to evaluate judicial candidates. 

"Judge4Yourself is an admirable and needed way in which local lawyers can provide their own ratings based not just on personal knowledge but also a fairly grueling process by which candidates fill out extensive questionnaires about their legal experience and backgrounds and are interviewed at length. No other county in Ohio has anything quite like it -- and many times it's proved a needed antidote to the "name game" where candidates with attractive ballot names but little relevant experience can win by default. It also can make a difference where party identification in this largely Democratic county can overshadow other attributes."

               - Elizabeth Sullivan, Director of Opinion for Cleveland.com, September 7, 2018

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